Priest’s or Deacon's Stole
  - £250

This design has been created by Ecclesiastical Embroidery by Ruth Black especially for use by Ordinariate priests and deacons. It features a representation of the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham above a Celtic knotwork square that holds a Saltire (St Andrew’s cross - the flag of Scotland).

At the neck of the stole is a small Celtic cross. The main fabric is available in ivory, green, red or purple and is a wool/polyester blend. The stole can be made in any of the Liturgical Colours and is lined with the Ordinariate tartan on the back.

We will confirm with you by email the length, colour, etc, including whether it is a priest's or deacon's stole and if a side fastening is required.

 Deposit: £125  (we will send an invoice)

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